Our History

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It all started when…

In 2010 a team visited a Sudanese refugee camp called Pignudo, in Ethiopia. This team caught a vision to help these children who were in desperate need of basic necessities. This camp was filled with countless children who had been orphaned from the war in Sudan which left many people dead and families separated.

We opened the doors to our first orphanage in Malakal, South Sudan in 2012 when the country was in its infant stages of becoming a new nation. We began with six children who came from Pignudo. The need and the orphanage grew in Malakal. We eventually housed the children in two locations that were equipped with solar power and a pure water system.

In the Fall of 2013 a civil war started and the manager of Father's House moved all the children to the village of Gambela, Ethiopia.

Today Father's House has land in Gambela and is in the construction phase of building a compound that will have a residence, a treatment room for children with medical needs, and training rooms for the community.

In 2017 Father's House was asked to partner with Priscilla's House in southern Mexico. Priscilla's House has a large compound with beautiful facilities but had not started any programs for the at risk children in the area.

In 2017 two teams have taken trips to the area to network and investigate how to bast use the facilities to serve the needs in the community of Tehuantepeche.

We will continue to develop a plan and post updates on the progress.