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Who Are The At Risk Children?


An "at risk" child is a child who is at a dead end. The circumstances that brings them to this place may be loss of parents, homeless, or critically ill with no on to care for them.

These children are refured to Father's House by any nubmer of agencies or churches.

According to the UNHCR's latest findings (Dec. 2017), there are close to 2.5 million South Sudanese refugees in asylum countries. Unfortunately the children have not been spared from the suffering that the fighting in South Sudan has caused. 

Yucaten Times (May 2017) report that more than half of the 40 million children and teenagers who live in Mexico are under poverty and some 4.7 million of them are under extreme poverty conditions.

The stories of resilience in these children is simply amazing. When they are given the opportunity to begin again in a new home, attend a school, and be a kid again it is life changing. 






Once they are in the program at Father's House we do an assessment to determine their immeadiant needs and also document their history. 

Each child has a story to tell. 

Nyabang Pal Kueylual came to Father's House in 2010 when the main compound was in the village of Malakal, South Sudan. 

Both of Nyabang's parents passed away when she was very young and she was taken to a refugee camp in Ethiopia called Phinudo. When a pastor saw that she had no on to care for her he contacted Father's House and she was brought to the compound. 

She has a younger brother, Kek but has had no contact with him for severial years. Nyabang cries whenever she talks or think about him. 

When she completes school she says that she wants to "help children who are in need". 

Knowing the hardship that Nyabang has endured it wonderful to see her laughing, studying for a test, and being a teenager. 




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Nyabang Pal Kueylual