Father's House International

Serving At Risk Children in South Sudan, Ethiopia, & Mexico.


Who are the At Risk Children? 

Most At Risk Children that are part of Father's House are from refugee camps or who have been homeless. Many of the parents have been killed by fighting, disease, or are missing. The war that is ongoing in South Sudan has caused so much suffering, especially with the children. 

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Who are our Host Homes?

Nyagile Gach is a mom who lives in the village of Gambela, Ethiopia. She has four children of her own and is a mom to two children, brothers who lost their parents to disease. Nyagile joined the Remote Care program in 2015... 

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Who are our Sponsors?

Patty became a sponsor to Gach Top Binyuong, age 11 in April 2015. Both of his parents passed away when he was three years old. The Phinudo Refugee camp was where he was placed with no family, no education, and no hope for a future. 

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How you can join our team! 

We welcome you to the Team. Wether you support the work of Father's House through sponsorships, project support, trips, or by getting the word out we would love for you to find your place on our team. 

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Tehuantepeche Oaxaca, Mexico

"More that half of the 40 million children and teenagers in Mexico are under poverty and some 4.7 million of them are under extreme poverty conditions, according to Unicef" The Yucaten Times, May 22, 2017

Some members of Father's House were invited to come to Tehuantepeche in 2017 to investigate an opportunity to develop a compound called, Priscilla's House that was completed a few years ago. There is a huge need in the area and at this time we are making regular trips to network, interview families and at risk children.

This project is the development stage so watch for updates.

Priscilla's House in Tehuantepeche

Priscilla's House in Tehuantepeche