Join the Team!

There are several ways that you can become a member of the Father's House Team.

To the right are specific avenues to get involved or click below to make a general donation to support the general fund. 

Currently all of our administration costs are covered by partner organizations. This means that all proceeds recieved though donations, including any into the general fund, are used in the field and to support our field staff.  


Sponsor a Child

By becoming a sponsor you immediately began to impact the life of an at risk child. For just $50 a month you provide care for that child which will include; immediate medical attention, regular nutritious meals, placement in a loving home with a family from their people group, and education.  More information →

Sponsor a Project

Some of the projects that our sponsors have contributed to in the past:

     Bought new shoes for all of our sponsored children.

     Funded building projects.

     Fund a Solar Powered Pure Water Project.

     Bought pots and pans for Host Homes.

     Paid for travel expenses to bring at risk children to Father's House.

     Contact our office if you would like to sponsor a project.

 More information →


Sponsor an Event

Father's House is continually receiving requests to expand our programs to new areas of need. If you would like to sponsor a Fun Run, 5 or 10K Run, or other fund raising ideas you will help to fund some of the up-front cost of establishing Father's House in new areas. More information →

Plan a Trip

Sponsors are invited to come along on one of our international trips to see the work that is being done in our locations. Contact our office to recieve information about our trips for this year. More information →