Father's House International

Who Are Our Host Homes?


A Host Home for an "at risk" child is a carefully selected home where the child will be cared for. Their primary purpose is to included the new child into a loving, family atmosphere. As well as provide nourishing meals, safe sleeping quarters, and to be cared for as a member of the family.


Host: Single Mom Nyaruop with her Father's House child, Changkuoth 





Father's House Host Home Program has been in place since 2015. Once we realized the cost of continuing to build larger and larger facilities to care for at risk children would be impossible we decided to pilot this program. We began by placing eight children in homes in the community. The on site manager visited each home once a month to monitor. At the end of one year a team to conduct interviews with the family and the child. To our surprise all the children and family member had only praise for the program.

We now have an intake process when an at risk child is evaluated, given a medical check and treated if necessary, and enrolled in school. After that process is complete the child is placed in a Host Home. 

The $50.00 USD sponsorship money follows the child. In Ethiopia 800 Birr ($40 USD) is given directly to the host parent. With this money the parent is responsible for the care of the at risk child. 

In most cases the host parent is a single mom with children of her own. And in every case the money that follows the new family member feeds the entire family. 

In addition to the monthly checks from the manage of Father's House once a year a visiting team will conduct interviews to update records and the sponsor will receive these updates.

A sponsor is always welcome to visit their child and the host home where they live. Sponsor teams travel to Ethiopia once a year and can be arranged through our office in the United States. 

The program in Mexico is still be developed. We are in a Information Gathering phase and we expect to have a program plan by Summer of 2019.